Welcome to Casting Role Call! I’m glad you found us! You’re here because hopefully you are interested in being cast in reality television, branded entertainment, web series, etc! And if you aren’t? Well, maybe I can convince you to be!

A lot of times, actors and real people get contacted, almost bombarded, with casting calls that aren’t really a “good fit” for them personally. It seems like casting directors get you “in their files” and then you just get emailed constantly about things that are going on, even if it’s not right for you. Basically, if you are a 45 year old single dad who is a veteran, why should I email you about a casting call for party girls who are looking to settle down? Unless you WANT to be emailed that stuff. And if you do great, you’ll still have the option to do that with us! But if you don’t, Casting Role Call is going to get to know you in a way that personalizes the experience, so that you get casting notices that have been hand selected FOR YOU, because you are a good fit.

Casting Role Call takes a different approach to getting you in front of networks and producers faster, by finding out what makes you special. Please visit our “Tell Us About Yourself” page and fill out a short survey, and give us a chance to get to know YOU.

We look forward to hearing all about you!


Courtney Morris, Casting Director